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  • Autism

    2 million children in India are said to be autistic. Every 8 out of 10 children are suffering from autism are said to be males. If your kid is slow in learning or having speech difficulties or hyperactive, DO NOT IGNORE! It can be autism. Consult us for a permanent & safe solution.

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  • IBS

    Are you suffering from stomach pain, gas, bloating, alternating constipation and diarrhea or any other gastric complaints regularly? If so, chances are that it is IBS! Don’t delay, get treated immediately.

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  • Gout

    Do you have gout? Are you experiencing gout attacks? Avoid gout flare ups and live healthy with our specialized treatments at Star Homeo

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  • Haemorrhoids

    Get relieved of pain, bleeding, burning & itching piles. Don’t be embarrassed about it. Avoid surgery and get cured with homeopathy!

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  • Breast Cancer

    "Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and reports say most of them are diagnosed at advanced stages. Homoeopathy can successfully help in management of cancers. Use homeopathy! Stay safe!"

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Best Homeopathy Clinic | Star Homeo

The doctors at our star homeo are well trained at prescribing medicines based on classical Homeopathy. The medicines prescribed by our Homeopaths is so efficacious that it retards the recurrence of the diseases, reaches the root cause of the disease and brings back the body to harmony. Star Homeo is a team of highly qualified, exclusively trained, and empathetic Homeopaths treating various disorders with high success rate.

Mission & Purpose

Our Mission is to establish and follow an exclusive training procedure to train the doctors on a continual basis to maintain standards uniformly across all branches centers or clinics. We stand to cure, care, comfort, and last to improve quality of life.

Our Specialties

We provide high-quality treatment to almost 50 different types of diseases with zero side effects to improve the quality of life of the patient. For more queries visit Star Homeo.

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World's leading Homeopathy Treatment with excellent experienced doctors

Star Homeopathy

Star Homeo is a super specialty homeopathic chain founded by a group of highly qualified doctors with a vision to provide the best medical treatment in a scientific and modern way.

Star Homeo a multispeciality Homeopathic clinic aims at providing its benefits to the people at an affordable cost.

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World's leading Homeopathy Treatment with excellent experienced doctors

In what areas does eczema usually appear?

Eczema, which is also known as dermatitis is a skin condition which makes your skin inflamed. In this skin becomes red, dry, itchy and irritable.

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How to cure psoriasis with homoeopathy?

Psoriasis is among the common skin ailments seen in clinical practice. Red, inflamed patches on the skin, covered by silvery white scales, are the characteristic features of Psoriasis.

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Autism which is neuro developmental disorder referred as autism spectrum disorder ...Usually it appears in children aged 2-3 years , sometimes it occurs early in 18 months babies only.

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Tips For Good Health

  • Don't Drink Sugar Calories
  • Eat Nuts
  • Avoid Processed Junk Food
  • Don't Fear Coffee
  • Eat Fatty Fish
  • Get Enough Sleep
  • Drink Some Water

Patient's Testimonials

G Anitha

I thank Dr. Harshavardhan garu for making me better and guiding me to better health. His treatment is very good. Its been 4 months since I started taking medicines here.

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