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Acidity also called acid reflux disease is a disorder of gastrointestinal system occurring due to poor lifestyle changes, unhealthy eating habits which in turn causes excessive production and reflux of acid by the gastric glands. A person suffering from this disorder may experience a burning sensation in stomach and throat, sour eructation’s, nausea, indigestion, lack of appetite, bloating of abdomen, constipation etc. Certain triggering factors like excessive consumption of alcohol, tea, spicy, oily foods, lack of sleep, medications like NSAIDs are responsible for this condition.

Symptoms alone are suggestive of the disease but upper gastrointestinal endoscopy act as a confirmatory tool. Acidity if persistent for a prolonged duration and left untreated may result in severe complications like peptic ulcers, vomiting, swallowing difficulty, agonizing pain in abdomen and chest.

Even after lifestyle modification and dietary changes when there is no improvement Homoeopathy can help. Homoeopathy treats the symptoms, aids in proper digestion, regularize the bowel movement, reduce pH levels, and excessive production of acid. Proper Homoeopathic treatment reduces the dependency on antacids and improves the overall health of an individual.

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