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Autism which is neuro developmental disorder referred as autism spectrum disorder...Usually it appears in children aged 2-3 years , sometimes it occurs early in 18 months babies only. Individuals with autism often experience a raid growth in brain in infancy and in childhood . This accelerated brain growth is linked to atypical pattern of connectivity between brain regions.

Research suggests that risk factors of autism is mostly related to genetics.lenvironment also plays a major role in autism ..risk factors are mostly related with prenatal or perinatal period , thus it's possible that they might be responsible for atypical neuro development ,leading to symptoms of autism months or years later....although many studies have done on autism ..risk factors for autism in unclear till now.

Condition is known as autism when the following are seen in an individual::::

  • A. Difficulty or disinterested to maintain eye contact
  • B. Difficulty making friends with them or mingling with people
  • C. Repetitive use of words or any objects
  • D. Hyper-reactivity to any sensory output
  • E. Self harm
  • F. Learning disability or delayed speech
  • G. Unaware of others emotions
  • H.Difficulty in social interaction and communication
  • I. Cannot understand simple questions
  • J. Doesn't like to change his /her daily routine

These are the basic conditions where we can diagnose the child as autism child.

Homoepathy is the best system to deal autism children , as there are no side effects and to get complete cure for the problem , only homoeopathy can help in this condition.As homoepathy basically deal with the mental generals of the patient, it is the only way to cure the conditions like autism.

What homoeopathy does in autism child ??

  1. **It improves behaviour of the child.
  2. **Improves ability to respond.
  3. **Improves ability to speak words.
  4. **Decreases aggression and hypersensitivity.
  5. **Decreases fear and insecurity.


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