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Haemorrhoids also called piles is a lump or mass of tissue with engorged blood vessels around the anus or rectal region. There are two types of haemorrhoids namely internal which is present within the anus or rectum and external which is present outside the anus. The symptoms suggestive of haemorrhoids include painful bowel movements, irritation, itching around the anus, feeling of swelling, mass or lump protruding through the rectum, bleeding before, during or after stool, discharge of pus, leakage of faecal matter etc. Initially, haemorrhoids are painless but over a period, they become painful as blood supply gets interrupted.

Faulty diet, obesity, during pregnancy, repeated episodes of heavy weight lifting, sedentary lifestyle, chronic cough and constipation/diarrhea for a prolonged period are the responsible factor for the development of haemorrhoids. The condition if persistent for a long period may result in complications such as anemia due to excessive bleeding, recurrent infection with abscess formation, gangrene if blood supply gets completely stopped etc

Based upon the degree and extent of prolapse it is categorized into four grades i.e. grade1, grade2, grade3, and grade4.Depending upon the totality of symptoms Homoeopathic system of medicine very efficiently helps in resolving the symptoms of haemorrhoids and preventing further complications. Few homeopathic remedies most commonly indicated in the treatment of haemorrhoids are aloes, collinsonia, nitric acid, sulphur, hamamelis, ratanhia, nux vomica etc

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