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How to cure psoriasis with homoeopathy?

Psoriasis is among the common skin ailments seen in clinical practice. Red, inflamed patches on the skin, covered by silvery white scales, are the characteristic features of Psoriasis. However, it is thought to be an autoimmune disease.Autoimmune disease refers to a group of diseases where the immune system of a person starts to destroy its healthy body tissues.In Psoriasis, the body’s immune cells target the skin leading to scaly eruptions.


  • Itchy, painful skin that can crack or bleed.
  • Small areas of bleeding where the involved skin is scratched.
  • silver-colored scales.
  • Rashes or patches of red, inflamed skin.

Homoeopathic scope:-

  • Homeopathy is a safe and reliable method of treatment, with no side effects.They work by moderating the over-active immune system. The initial aim is to manage the itching and burning sensation in the eruptions.
  • Homoeopathy treats the problem internally, by understanding the cause of different symptoms instead of suppressing them. It also treats the root cause responsible for occurrence of complaint.
  • Prescribing remedy is based on duration of symptoms, underlying cause, every person is treated according to the particular symptoms


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